Date Swap

Have a chummy ex or perhaps a guy friend who can't escape the friend zone? Bring your minus-one to a DateSwap party!
DateSwap is an exclusive invite-only event where each female guest brings along a "minus one" - aka a guy you're not interested in.

Enjoy drinks, appetizers and the company of eligible bachelors in an upscale Montreal venue.

So excited for tonight!

So after much planning, running around, swapping and (some) cocktails (how else do you brainstorm effectively?) the day has finally arrived! We are so thrilled to get this show on the road! See you at 7:30PM!

We swapped our venue!

So we have some news -

We did a quick last minute venue change - and for good reason! We swapped Bond for La Garconniere - an intimate spot in the Old Port which we can call our own for the night. Olivia and I absolutely love love love it there and we promise you will too!


Where? 343 St. Paul Est, Old Montreal, H2Y 1H3

Check it out:

Time: 7:30PM sharp!


Smoked salmon rolls

Jalapeño peppers

Cheese platter


Mediterranean dips and pita


Can’t wait to see you all! And don’t forget about the 2 drinks that are included! 

See you Tuesday!

Tickets are on sale!

Hi everyone!

So tickets are now on sale on! Remember that you must bring your “un-date” with you, so tickets are being sold in pairs.

Get moving - space is limited!

Purchase your tickets here

Ticket price: $55 per person

As mentioned in our previous blog, your ticket includes a cocktail, a martini and appetizers. Olivia and I are picking the tapas menu ourselves, it’s sure to be delicious!

See you soon!!

It’s official!

First things first - a big fat SORRY for the delay, but good things come to those who wait! DateSwap is officially on and we are more excited than ever. Everything has fallen into place as promised, so get ready for a fun night!

When? October 11 2011, 7:30PM sharp

Who? Women ages 25-35 must bring a date they are not interested in!

Where? Bond Lounge grill

How much? Tickets are $55 per person. Since our theme is to swap your “un-date”, tickets will be sold at $110 for you and your date

What’s included? Each $55 ticket includes a cocktail and a martini as well as yummy tapas to munch on

What should I wear? Dress to impress but be comfortable! We’d go for something trendy, comfy and chic ;)

What to expect: This is NOT  your average singles mixer by any means! We will have a structure in place and some fun surprises along the way! Speed dating meets singles mingling with a few special twists 

What next? Tickets will go on sale by early next week on We will announce through our blog, twitter, facebook and email once they are ready for purchase

Questions? We’ve got answers! Email us at

A hunt for the perfect venue

And so the hunt begins! As promised, we are committed to making our first event AWESOME. So Olivia and I will be prancing around town in search of the perfect venue (it’s a tough life we live) for you to bring your minus one. 

 So what’s our criteria? A welcoming, trendy and intimate setting, and a place to call our own (for the evening, that is!). We are also aiming at getting you some free drinks and some yum yum munchies (sans garlic of course). Once we have found our perfect match, we will post it right here!

Oh ya, feel free to make suggestions!!

See you soon!

Date Swap Event 1 in the works!

Hi to our single, social and seriously fabulous friends,

Allow me to introduce myself, Kavita, and Olivia - the hosts, planners and do-ers of anything and everything DateSwap!


                                                   Kavita                      Olivia

Olivia and I met when she came speed dating to an event I was hosting (could we be a better match for this?) and we decided to plan our own speed dating and singles events, but with a twist! 

The theme for our first event is “bring your minus one” which means -  Bring a date that you are not interested in! We thought it would be a fun way to get a group of single women and men together and not to mention it’s a great conversation starter ;) 

Olivia and I will be ironing out all the details over the next 7 weeks and just so you know, our ultimate goal is to make this an amazing night for you! With that said, we feel we must tell you now that space will be limited!

We are aiming for Thursday Sept 8th 2011 so make sure to mark it down ladies and stay tuned on our blog, facebook and on twitter @dateswap for the exciting details! You can also email questions, suggestions or comments to

The friend zone

 We all have that one guy who we can’t picture as our boyfriend. You know the super nice one that you love to hang out with and say “if only I were attracted to him, things would be perfect” - ya that guy! He’s the one that can’t escape the dreaded “Friend Zone”. 

Us girls know better than to push our friends into dating that boy(friend). Instead we’re pushing them to Date Swap’s very first event - “The Friend Zone”. How fun would it be to mingle with other single women who have brought along their “un-dates” who just happen to be eligible bachelors? We think it will be plenty of fun!! Stay connected for updates on the final date (sometime in July) and the venue is TBD - but don’t worry, it will be a chic and sexy spot!